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calorie counter coffee



Hispania Historia Y Arte, Smith, p156
Sor Juana de la Cruz,cuidadosamente ataviada para hacer su entrada en el convento fundada por ella en la ciudad de Mejico.

This is one of the oil paintings I was talking about when I was talking about a painting of a devotee with a painting of his or her favorite saint around his or her neck. I think I might have this one copied back in the mess somewhere. I know I have pondered it before.

It's nice that it is an annunciation on the mandala so it follows the last pic.

I had forgotten about this doll. It makes me think of a quinceanera doll but I have no idea if this ((((I heard a female voice far in the distance say, "nope". They've run some very painful scams on me today. Mrs. Sorenson came out and started talking to me and during the conversation began to talk about Taco Bell. This is a vignette that she whas quite frequently presented to me over the years. In the years before my parents died, I used to go out to the Holladay library sometimes and stop at the Taco bell on the way home. I used to eat there quite a bit but I just remember that it was o the way home for the library that I began to notice they were calling up big manic flash mobs to greet me when I went there. I remember a Jensen Bryan who was standing at the counter complaining about food that had not been prepared correctly or conventionally with a big crowd in line and filling the tables. It is a frequent theme they use to antagonize me, like the people coming in the library and having a loud conversation with a librarian about petty details of the library services and so on as if they had never before been to one. His petty complaint was being expressed in exaggerated tone. When he turned from the counter he said to me, "Tuesday nights!" as if confusion and large crowds were customary on that night, although this was about the first flash mob I had ever experienced here and I had been eating here for years. Taco Bell used to sell 3 soft wheat or 3 crispy corn tacos for a dollar on Tuedays. At this time, I didn't use the term "flash mob" although I may have run across it. I was in denial and couldn't admit to myself that these mobs were planned. They forced to quit going there by a combination of flash mobs and the misdirection of the counter people which I have described. I remember once sometime after my accident with Preston, I went there and the window person was so somethingorother---I can't call it impolite. It's more like being off center.---I threw my order out the car window at the wall of the building as I left. I remember dark skinned, short Mexican who worked there who moved into an apartment where Diana lived with her mother over on 5th E and 8th S. He seemed to me to be a very good worker and reliable. He would always misdirect my attention by asking, "3?" after I had ordered 4 bean burritos, the order I would most often make. Sometimes he would make me repeat the order several times by asking a different number each time I gave him the order again. He was always even tempered and didn't show any signs of contempt or anger. Actually I'm recalling that I threw several meals away because of the tone they used. This was during the time I had reduced my caloric intake to about 3 or 400 calories a day. I didn't throw the food around, though, I just threw ii in the trash. They have the automatic save turned off. I'm glad they didn't erase this. knock wood. Anyway, when Mrs. Sorenson runs the Taco Bell flash fuse on me or whatever it's called she starts talking about what a good buy they have on tacos at Taco Bell and how bad the crowds are on Tuesdays and so forth. She had been talking to me about my neighbors Rex and Marlene. she has told me that they are in South Carolina with a niece who is dying of cancer but I think she is misdirecting me and that it is Rex who is dying of cancer. She gives details of the situation that makes me think she is also talking about another of my neighbors Otis Mollenex who has a son who seems to have disappeared and whose name disappeared from the house across the street where he and his wife lived. I think he or his wife may have died but I don't really have any basis for that one or any details. I mean, they didn't tell me the truth about my brother when he died and the details of his wife's death are ones I got from my mind and not from them. I believe my sister had a hysterectomy a while ago which they told was some other procedure. Of course my brother having a "baby" sized tumor removed a few months ago, I believe, was a fabrication. They didn't tell about Fred's death until 2 years after he died. I think Marlene Palmer's funeral was one they set up for me to attend and they had buried her sometime before. It's difficult to describe the sense of insult, anger and hurt when you realize it is a fabrication and a misdirection. Soon after I arrived the tough looking Polynesian/Mexican with the thin goate

axis of evil

axis of evil

for making me chubby, over caffeinated, lactose intolerant and hung over; the following locations are now on my terrorist list and must be stopped.

P.S. please don't put me on the FBI list for this.

P.P.S oh shite, now I just said FBI and terrorist in a post

P.P.P.S. aw crap I did it again!

True story: I grabbed a bunch of matches from the Cha Cha to send down to my friend in LA as they have a Cha Cha in Silverlake and I thought it'd be cool if he had matches that said Seattle on it (yes, I'm lame).

Anyway, I threw them into a Fed Ex envelope and shipped it next day air. I told my boyfriend (who is a UPS driver) and he asked "Did you put flammable on the the label?" and I said "um, no...was I supposed to? oops, well at least I sent it next day air" He said "Nice, put unmarked flammable material on a plane."

Oops...and now, of course, I've talked about blowing up a plane, terrorism, fbi lists and the axis of evil....I'm screwed.

calorie counter coffee

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