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Apples Burn Calories

apples burn calories

Hey guys - look what I did!

Hey guys - look what I did!

I freely admit to being anthropomorphic. Always have been. Always will be. I just find it difficult to think we are the only species on the planet with a sense of humor, or who enjoys having a good time (ask an otter). So be it.

This is one large cottonwood tree. The beaver who felled it had to invest a lot of time, energy and precious calorie burning to complete the job. So why did they pick such a huge cottonwood to fell? They can't transport the fallen log, it is too big and heavy. No need to die cutting the big trunk into cord wood either.

Perhaps it is an efficient way of getting to LOTS of delicious upper branches. Biologists say that beaver fell huge trees in "strategic" locations to help with the construction of a big dam. If that is the case this beaver sure screwed up. The big cottonwood fell not cross creek but down creek.

I will go with the theory of "to get to the mother of all beaver meals, high up a cottonwood tree - - lots of tender branches at the top". But I just can't discount in my own mind, that perhaps the beaver that toppled this tree, did it to show off, or to satisfy him or herself, that it could be done. Because it is there - - perhaps.

Felling a huge tree like this is potentially quite dangerous to a beaver. Though fast swimmers they are patheticly slow and lumbering when moving about land. It doesn't appear from the stump of the tree that beaver have mastered the lumberjack's ability to direct the fall of a treel. This tree had a mighty thin pedestal when it finally fell. So I will leave the beaver facts to the biologists and the beaver experts, but meanwhile I will continue to smile when I see something like this along a trail.

The great and unique North American beaver. They can live to a be 25 years old and are the largest rodent in North America (reaching up to 100 pounds).

[Castor canadensis] make their dams to make ponds for their protection from predators but more importantly as an "efficient' way to travel and transport the food that they eat (and to facilitate its growth!).

Lots of other wildlife benefit from the beavers' dams, ponds, and pathways. They are nocturnal so you are most likely to spot them at dusk or dawn, and expect a rifle report sound of alarm if they spot you first as they slap their tail on the surface of the water before diving (they can "hold their breath" for over 15 minutes).

They don't hibernate. Their four front "business teeth" never stop growing all throughout their lives. Those four cutting teeth are hard on the front and soft on the back, causing them to "self sharpen" as they do their tree cutting work.

It is a pleasure to come upon their handiwork, like here in the upper reaches of Umtanum Creek Canyon.

Tuesday 10 Nov 2009. I drove up and down the Yakima River Canyon with the 55 - 250 mm lens on my XSi. I thought I might spot an early eagle or a late white pelican along the river. I didn't.

I kept the telephoto lens on the camera and then hiked up Umtanum Creek Canyon for a little over 3 miles. I experimented with some shallow DOF photos and hoped I might encounter some wildlife. I did see two bighorn sheep but they were at the top of the canyon rim high above me. Still with the 250 mm (times 1.6), I got a few decent photos of them. At the top of the canyon I ran into a lot of small beaver dams and the golden cottonwood leaves floated down Umtanum Creek and made lovely patterns in the beaver pond. There I switched to the 18 - 55 mm lens and took all photos hiking back out with that lens. I saw a few mule deer but didn't get a good photo of them. The appeal was all the early winter color and many textures of wild grass, sage, old orchards, cottonwood, aspen groves and bright barked ponderosa pine. These photos are from the trip up to Umtanum Canyon and the hike I took in it.

the office

the office

outside the window of the truck, this is the office of the doctor that gave me diet pills when i was like 13 or 14, it was a cocktail of diet and water pills that made you really jittery and sick, but not hungry of course.

The doctor himself was all big chattery capped teeth and big square eyebrows, and he told me a parable about two women, and they eat identical apples but one woman burns off the calories and ANOTHER WOMAN DOESN'T.

apples burn calories

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